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Piracy made WordPerfect an industry standard in the 80s. But those days are long past. WP was able to use rampant piracy in lieu of a demo or trial version. Once enough people had grown accustomed to WP inside a business, they would find a need to standardize on it and usually ponied up for the license, if only to get the documentation. Today piracy falls into a couple of camps–non-commercial theft of media like movies and music (as well as software applications) but also serious criminal enterprises who are in business only to sell counterfeit copies to unsuspecting users. This is no different from the fake Rolex watches or Gucci handbags being sold in the streets of NYC and Beijing. These counterfeits directly compete unfairly with the legitimate IP owner and put that business at a disadvantage.

The history of Rolex watches began with the partnership of Hans Wilsdorf together with his brother-in-law Alfred Davis who began a watch making enterprise in 1905 in London. They began their own “Rolex Watch Company” in Geneva, Switzerland and Wilsdorf proven Rolex as his brand-new trademark. Rolex has been an innovative company and was the main to introduce to the world a waterproof watch condition, a wristwatch with a date on the dial, and the ability to display two time areas and specific zones. Rolex was also one of the first ones to be mixed up in making of quartz watches. For women, wearing a watch isn’t just an accessory to increase an outfit, it is usually a signature aspect with character and sophistication. Women appreciate the quality and value of an exquisite watch. The Datejust Special Edition collection of Rolex ladies watches can be an example quality and modern design. This Special Edition can be purchased in both 18ct yellow gold and white gold. It is a self-winding wristwatch and is also waterproof. Some exclusive features include a date calendar and Cyclops magnifier. The bracelet of that finely crafted watch may be designed for comfort and ease and has been created to become a perfect fit for it’s wearer. The DateJust Royal Black is constructed from 18ct white gold and comes with either baguette sapphires or baguette diamonds in the bezel. Other Rolex ladies watches add Perpetual Collection which is available in either steel or within steel and white silver. The 31 mm is actually another signature Rolex ladies watch that can be purchased in steel, or a combination of steel and white and steel and yellow gold. All Rolex watches include a date calendar and are water-resistant.

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